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Pushing boundaries. Breaking the mold. Turning every territory into our own. Erasing walls. The ones cities build, the ones we create for ourselves, the ones from before. Overcoming them. Surpassing ourselves. To exist elsewhere, to spread everywhere, especially where others don’t venture.

Moving forward with innovators, entrepreneurs, those who give their best and risk everything. The true brave, the real hard workers, both the smalls and the largers, those alone or together, those who take their chance and those who risk it all.

To be where they are, where they make their mark, especially if it’s where they’re not expected. And no matter what, to be the base camp that brings them to the summit.

Humbly be just walls. And proudly be much more than that. Our workspaces are what you make of them. And they exist to take you further.

Newton Offices.
Welcome beyond.

"Millions watched the apple fall
Newton wondered why it falls"

"Millions watched the apple fall Newton
wondered why it falls"

Guillaume Pellegrin, Président et Fondateur de Newton Offices

The genesis
of Newton Offices

Facing the rigidity of the office real estate market, which did not meet his growing company’s needs, Guillaume Pellegrin, an entrepreneur from Marseille, decided in 2017 to rent turnkey workspaces, with the belief that growing companies based in regions need more agility as well.

Goodbye to rigid traditional commercial leases with three-year minimum commitments. Newton Offices offers next-generation office buildings where it rents workspaces under flexible terms. A modern vision of office real estate that enable its clients to access the right workspace that meets their needs at any time.

This flexibility, embedded in Newton Offices’ DNA, gives companies the freedom and agility to respond in real-time to new ways of working.

When my company started to grow, I couldn't find the offices that suited our needs. So, we created them.

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To support the economy expansion in cities and regions.

Newton Offices commits as a pioneering force to support new ways of working, designing and animating workspaces rented under flexible conditions in major regional cities.

In a context of fast urban development, witnessing a decentralisation movement to smaller cities, Newton Offices provides exceptional working conditions, where you choose to live.

Newton Offices believes our regions need a revitalisation in many domains. This reorganisation involves business, and above all, the tertiary sector: the beating heart of a territory. The economy is transforming, and it will do so locally.

Originating from the field, it will be organised through initiatives and decisions tailored to local needs, but above all, through the socio-environmental challenges that lie ahead.

That’s why Newton Offices takes an avant-garde stance in this movement, capitalising on its deliberate establishments in regions where, despite a very dynamic economic activity, access to quality offices spaces remains a barrier to business development.

The 3 pillars of our CSE strategy

Newton Offices' CSR strategy is structured around three pillars, aligned to its core mission, which is to support the economic expansion in cities and regions:

Supporting business establishments in local areas

Supporting business establishments in local areas

Diversifying our locations to benefit local economies.

Becoming advocates for the movement of economic deployment in cities and regions.

Integrating into ecosystems around our buildings

Integrating into ecosystems around our buildings

Offering our residents events that connect them with their local community.

Supporting local solidarity projects.

Making our outdoor and indoor spaces available to associations and schools.

Locally driving ecological transition

Locally driving ecological transition

Rejecting any soil artificialisation and favoring rehabilitation over new construction.

Decarbonising construction materials.

Adopting responsible purchasing guidelines and minimizing the environmental footprint of our internal operations.

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