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Corporate Social Responsibility is the cornerstone of Newton Offices’ strategy, that drives us every day.

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Addressing tomorrow’s social, societal, and environmental challenges.

As a keen participant in the office real estate revolution, Newton Offices has reevaluated its role and contribution to once again challenge the status quo.

This commitment involves close collaboration with local economic stakeholders to effectively meet the needs and socio-environmental challenges of specific territories.

Newton Offices develops and fosters communities within and around its buildings by promoting dialogue and relationships. By extending beyond the corporate and office boundaries, Newton Offices encourages the proliferation of local connections, synergies, and active participation in city life.

Faced with numerous climate and social challenges impacting the economy and the workplace, we are neither resigned nor pessimistic. Instead, we remain dynamic and firmly focused on the future. A future we need to imagine in order to make it happen.


Newton Offices’ core mission—to facilitate the expansion of the economy in cities and regions—is founded on three responsible commitments:
Pilier 1

Supporting business establishments in regions

By opting to develop territories instead of establishing ourselves in Paris, we have chosen to weave our presence from Marseille to Lille, through Aix, Lyon, and Montpellier, to nurture local economies.

We aim to be a leading voice in this decentralization movement. Through our podcast Extra-Muros as well as organising conferences and other public events, we strive to drive the economic expansion in cities and regions.

Pilier 2

Integrating into ecosystems
around our buildings

By establishing partnerships with local economic actors. On each of our sites, we list local restaurateurs and merchants. By organizing events for our residents, such as Cool Business Meetings, workshops, and webinars, we enable them to meet, share ideas and services, and open up to their local ecosystems.

These are tangible local actions that engage all teams, all Newton Offices clients, and in collaboration with local actors around our buildings. They build internal trust and support for the company’s CSR ambitions.

Decent work and economic growth Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships and sponsorship

Associations provide tailored and sustainable solutions to the needs of a territory. They demonstrate a local, human-centric way of doing business with a social and environmental impact.

Fully aware of the crucial role they play in our society, and eager to succeed in our territorial anchoring at each of our sites, we have established lasting and value-creating partnerships with local associations and SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) entities.

Skill-based sponsorship, providing reception and meeting rooms, sponsoring events, collections, etc., are all actions through which partnerships are formed.

Positive impact offices

Through its “Impact Offices” program, Newton Offices offers local actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy workspaces at a very favorable rate. Workspaces for 4 to 8 people, fully equipped and offered at a preferential rate in Marseille, Lyon, Lille, and Aix-en-Provence.

Impact Offices are reserved for associations and impact project leaders in the fields of the environment, solidarity, culture, education, or health, meeting the following criteria:

  • Having an activity that addresses a societal issue, with concrete and measurable objectives.
  • Being less than two years old (for companies only).

Mentoring and skills sponsorship

We support our employees in carrying out concrete actions for society through the Wenabi skills sponsorship platform. Every year, each of them will be able to offer their skills by carrying out a one-day flash mission for the local general interest. In the same way, we carry out collective actions during our annual seminar.

The committed actors we support

Heureux d’apprendre, mentorat d’entrepreneur, ES Milloise, Entrepreneur dans la ville, Action contre la faim, Singa, Sol en Si, Comme les autres, Secours Populaire, CKDB, Unapeï 13, Le Sel de la vie, Mentorat d’entrepreneur…

Sustainable cities and communities Partnerships for the goals

Pilier 3

Locally driving
ecological transition

Partner developers have been made aware of Newton Offices’ environmental standards:

  • Drafting of a Programmatic Note with an entire section dedicated to environmental considerations.
  • Compilation of an acquisition criteria presentation, including real estate solutions that surpass market-standard CSR initiatives.
  • A commitment to avoiding land artificialization, favoring rehabilitation instead, with 80% of our sites being BREEAM-certified.

Good health and well-being Clean water and sanitation Industry, innovation and infrastructure Sustainable cities and communities Climate action Life on land

We have implemented a policy of responsible purchasing and are in the process of drafting a charter. This charter aims to establish a common framework between the purchasing teams and suppliers, incorporating CSR commitments made in favor of sustainable development, and involving suppliers in this continuous improvement approach.

Responsible consumption and production

Although Newton Offices is not obligated to assess its greenhouse gas emissions, we have opted to conduct a carbon footprint analysis.

The next steps in our Carbon Strategy include:

  • Co-creating a climate action plan and reduction trajectory.
  • Contributing to global carbon neutrality (understanding carbon neutrality and strategizing contributions towards it).
  • Valuation and communication.

Climate action Life below water Life on land

"When two forces act in the same direction,
efficiency doubles".

"When two forces act in the same direction, efficiency doubles".


Newton Offices is rolling out an action plan aligned with its commitments, founded on two pillars of responsible practices:
Socle Social

Social Pillar

From pre-hiring through onboarding to management, stakeholder relations, and internal communication, inclusion at Newton Offices is proactively designed and continuously tailored to the unique circumstances encountered. This is why we’ve adopted a non-discrimination hiring policy.

Newton Offices is a signatory of the SINGA Charter, committing to actively support the inclusion of refugees and exiles through the following measures:

  • Embedding equal opportunities and interculturality into our diversity/inclusion and CSR policies to support socio-cultural diversity at all company levels.
  • Training employees and raising awareness among external stakeholders (suppliers, partners, clients, etc.) about migration stereotypes, and the benefits of diversity and interculturality.
  • Communicating our commitmeSharing our commitment by disseminating results, success stories, and integration examples to positively evolve professional practices and environments.
  • Enhancing the employability of refugees and exiled individuals through specific support mechanisms internally and/or partnerships with specialized entities.
  • Ensuring the successful integration of newly recruited or existing staff by educating, training, and supporting managers and employees in welcoming new team members and appreciating the advantages of intercultural management.

Discover the SINGA Charter »

Gender equality Reduced inequalities

Work-Life Quality and CSR are united by a common foundation: human respect.

Newton Offices commits to:

  • Enhancing work-life quality: creating bright, open, and flexible spaces that boost productivity, collaboration, creativity, and well-being.
  • Implementing measures for work-life balance, such as introducing remote work options.
  • Championing all forms of diversity, with a focus on gender equality, integrating individuals with disabilities, and fostering intergenerational relations.
  • Offering employees a dynamic career path through internal mobility and skill development.
  • Training staff in compassionate management, non-violent communication, and raising awareness.
  • Collaboratively developing the CSR strategy with employees to enhance collective intelligence.

Good health and well-being Quality education Gender equality Decent work and economic growth Reduced inequalities

Stratégie RSE - Socle Environnemental

Environmental Pillar

Encouraging residents and staff to realize that every eco-friendly action matters.

One of our goals is to achieve Zero Waste at our sites by following the 4 R’s Method:

Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle (with sorting bins on every floor for plastic, cardboard, paper, and other waste).

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production

Our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction targets:

– 20% CO2e/m2 by 2026

– 40% CO2e/m2 by 2030

Commitment to Energy Efficiency
Newton Offices has joined the “Companies Commit” community, embarking on an energy efficiency journey.

Our action plan is defined by tangible measures aimed at reducing consumption in our buildings and raising awareness among both the Newton Offices team and our residents about eco-friendly practices that save energy.

Check out our “Guide to Corporate Energy Efficiency »

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production

Like the hummingbird, we’re making a difference on our own scale. Given their crucial role in our food chain, we chose to start with bees (almost 40% of the food products we consume are indirectly or directly a result of bees’ work and their pollination of fruits and vegetables).

We’ve installed beehives at our Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence locations and landscaped the surrounding areas with flowering plants. Beyond preserving bees and biodiversity, we will also harvest and jar our own Newton Offices honey!

Life on land

The B-Corp certification is unique in measuring a company’s overall social and environmental performance through its B Impact Assessment tool. It’s among the most rigorous certifications available.

Becoming B-Corp certified means safeguarding your company’s mission and providing tangible evidence of its commitments. It’s also about identifying areas for improvement and monitoring the social and environmental performance of your business over time. That’s why we’ve committed to the B-Corp journey.

There are still a few steps to go before certification, and the process can be lengthy, but we’re on the right track!

No poverty Zero hunger Good health and well-beingQuality education Gender equalityClean water and sanitation Affordable and clean energyDecent work and economic growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure Reduced inequalities Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production Climate action Life below water Life on land Peace, justice and strong institutions Partnerships for the goals

Why did Newton Offices embark on the Companies committed to climate Convention journey?
  • To grasp ecological challenges and their impacts on the world, the local area, and my business.
  • To jointly develop new economic models that align with living systems and planetary limits.
  • To become part of a group of committed and resolute local leaders.
  • To initiate a shift towards ecological redirection within our territory.
Although Newton Offices wasn’t required to evaluate its greenhouse gas emissions, we chose to conduct a carbon footprint assessment in 2022, revealing 936 tCO2e generated in 2021, accounting for all three scopes.

Some performance indicator figures from Newton Offices’ carbon footprint (calculated in 2022 with 2021 data):
  • 936 tCO2e produced by Newton Offices’ activities in 2021.
  • 29 tCO2e per employee in 2021.
  • 40 kgCO2e per square meter in 2021 (covering a total of 23,423 m2).
  • 7.5 kgCO2e per workday in 2021.
Becoming a mission-driven company is how we affirm our values, set objectives that match the scale of contemporary challenges, and gauge our social and environmental impacts.

With our raison d’être, our mission, which is “To support the deployment of the economy in cities and regions,” officially inscribed in our bylaws, we’ve also established a mission committee responsible for monitoring our mission’s execution.

What is a mission-driven company?

The mission-driven company model is a recent legal innovation introduced under France’s PACTE law, representing the sole legal framework in France for contributory businesses.

What is the PACTE law?

Enacted on May 22, 2019, the PACTE law regarding business growth and transformation sets a new legal framework for companies in French law. It notably introduces the concept of a “purpose-driven company,” a business model that leverages companies’ transformative power to address the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century by combining innovation capacity with active stakeholder engagement.


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