Our CSR approach

Meeting tomorrow’s social, societal and environmental challenges.

As a sensitive player in the revolution of the office real estate sector, Newton Offices has rethought its role and its contribution to shake up the codes once again.

This commitment involves working closely with local economic players to respond effectively to the needs and socio-environmental challenges of specific regions.

Newton Offices develops and animates communities in and around its buildings, fostering dialogue and relationships. By going beyond the boundaries of the company and the office, Newton Offices invites you to multiply local links and synergies, and to take part in the life of the city.

Faced with the many climatic and social challenges weighing on the economy and the world of work, we are neither resigned nor pessimistic, but always on the move and resolutely looking to the future. A future we need to imagine and make possible.


Newton Offices’ raison d’être, which is to support the deployment of the economy in towns and territories, is based on 3 responsible commitments:

Pilier 1

Supporting new businesses
companies in the regions

By choosing to develop the regions rather than locate in Paris. From Marseille to Lille, via Aix, Lyon and Montpellier, we have chosen to network the regions to develop a local economy.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We also want to be the voice of this decentralization movement. Through our Extra-Muros podcasts and outside events, we want to be a driving force behind this economic deployment.

Partnerships to achieve objectives

Pilier 2

Anchoring ourselves in ecosystems
around our buildings

By creating partnerships with local economic players. On each of our sites, we list local restaurateurs and retailers. By offering events to our residents, such as Cool Business Meetings, workshops and webinars, enabling them to meet, share ideas and services, and open up to their local ecosystems.

These are concrete local actions that mobilize all Newton employees, all Newton Offices customers and in collaboration with local stakeholders around our buildings. They build trust internally, and generate support for the company’s CSR ambitions.

Sustainable cities and communities Partnerships to achieve objectives

Partnerships and patronage

Associations provide appropriate, sustainable responses to local needs. They bear witness to a local, humane entrepreneurial approach that has a positive social and environmental impact.

Well aware of the fundamental role they play in our society, and keen to ensure that we are successfully anchored in the local area at each of our sites, we have set up sustainable, value-creating partnerships with local associations and SSE structures.

Skills sponsorship, the provision of reception and meeting rooms, sponsorship, events, fund-raising, etc. – it’s through all these actions that partnerships take shape.

Impact offices

Through its “Impact Offices” program, Newton serves local players in the social economy by offering them workspaces at very attractive rates. Fully-equipped workspaces from 4 to 8 workstations at preferential rates in Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Aix-en-Provence.

Impact offices are reserved for associations and impact project leaders in the fields of the environment, solidarity, culture, education or health, who meet the following conditions:

  • Have an activity that responds to a societal issue, with concrete, measurable objectives.
  • Be less than two years old (for companies only).

Read more “

Skills sponsorship

We support our employees in carrying out concrete actions for society via the Wenabi skills sponsorship platform. Every year, each of them will be able to offer their skills by carrying out a one-day flash mission for the local general interest. In the same way, we carry out collective actions during our annual seminar.

The committed players we support

Heureux d’apprendre, mentorat d’entrepreneur, ES Milloise, Entrepreneur dans la ville, Action contre la faim, Singa, Sol en Si, Comme les autres, Secours Populaire, CKDB, Unapeï 13, Le Sel de la vie, Mentorat d’entrepreneur…

Sustainable cities and communities Partnerships to achieve objectives

Pilier 3

Activate locally
ecological transition

The partner developers were made aware of Newton Offices’ environmental requirements :

  • Drafting of a Programmatic Note with an entire section devoted to the environment.
  • Presentation of acquisition criteria, including a real estate solution with a CSR approach that exceeds market standards.
  • Rejecting any artificialization of land and favoring rehabilitation 80% of our sites are BREEAM-certified.

Good health and well-being Clean water and sanitation Industry, innovation and infrastructure Sustainable cities and communities Measures to combat climate change Life on earth

We have set up a responsible purchasing policy and are working on a charter. The aim is to establish a common frame of reference between purchasing teams and suppliers, integrating CSR commitments in favor of sustainable development, and to involve suppliers in this continuous progress approach.

Responsible consumption and production

Although Newton Offices is not obliged to assess its greenhouse gas emissions, we have decided to carry out a carbon audit.

The next steps in our carbon strategy :

  • Co-construction of the climate action plan and reduction trajectory.
  • Contribution to global carbon neutrality (understanding carbon neutrality and strategy for contributing to it).
  • Promotion & Communication.

Measures to combat climate change Aquatic life Life on earth

"When two forces act in the same direction,
efficiency doubles".

"When two forces act in the same direction, efficiency doubles".


Newton Offices is implementing an action plan in line with its commitments, based on 2 pillars of responsible practices:

Socle Social

Socle Social

From the pre-employment phase through management, stakeholder relations and internal communications, to the assumption of a new position, inclusion at Newton Offices is thought out in advance and constantly adapted to the singularity of the situations that arise. This is why we have adopted a policy of non-discrimination in hiring.

Newton Offices is a signatory of the SINGA Charter and is committed to taking concrete action in favor of the inclusion of refugees and exiles in the following areas :

  • Include equal opportunity and interculturality in our diversity/inclusion and CSR policies, to support socio-cultural diversity at all levels of the company.
  • Train employees and raise awareness among external players (suppliers, partners, customers, etc.) about stereotypes linked to migration, and the benefits of diversity and interculturality.
  • Communicating our commitment by sharing results, success stories and examples of integration in order to bring about positive changes in practices and the professional environment.
  • Helping refugees and exiles become more employable by setting up specific in-house support systems and/or partnering with specialized players.

Ensure the successful integration of new recruits and existing employees, by raising awareness, training and supporting managers and staff in welcoming newcomers to their teams, and in the benefits of intercultural management.

Discover the SINGA Charter “

Gender equality Reduced inequalities

Quality of Life at Work and CSR are linked by a common foundation: respect for people.

Newton Offices is committed to :

  • Promoting quality of life at work: creating bright, open and flexible spaces that encourage productivity, collaboration, creativity and well-being.
  • Develop measures to promote work-life balance, such as the introduction of telecommuting.
  • Promote diversity of all kinds, with an emphasis on gender equality, integration of people with disabilities and intergenerational relations.
  • Offer employees a career path based on internal mobility and skills development.
  • Train employees in benevolent management and non-violent communication, and promote awareness.
  • Co-construct CSR strategy with employees and encourage collective intelligence.

Good health and well-being Quality education Gender equality Decent Work and Economic Growth Reduced inequalities

Stratégie RSE - Socle Environnemental

Environmental foundation

Encouraging residents and employees to realize that every eco-friendly gesture counts.

One of our objectives is to achieve zero waste on our sites, by applying the 4Rs Method:

Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle (sorting bins on all floors: plastic, cardboard, paper, other waste).

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production

Newton Offices has joined the community Companies make a commitment and is committed to energy efficiency.

Our action plan includes concrete measures to reduce energy consumption in our buildings, and to raise awareness among both the Newton Offices team and our residents of energy-saving practices.

Consult our Guide to energy efficiency in the workplace “

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production

Like the hummingbird, we’re changing the world on our own scale, and because they play such an important role in our food chain, we wanted to start with bees (almost 40% of the food we consume comes indirectly or directly from the work of bees and the pollination of fruit and vegetables they carry out).

We have installed beehiveson the Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence sites and landscaped the surrounding areas with melliferous plants. As well as preserving bees and biodiversity, we’ll be able to harvest and jar our own Newton Offices honey!

Life on earth

B-Corp certification is the only certification that measures a company’s overall social and environmental performance, thanks to its B-Impact assessment tool. This is one of the most demanding certifications.

Being B-Corp certified means protecting your company’s mission and providing objective proof of your commitments. It also involves identifying areas for improvement and tracking the company’s social and environmental performance over time. That’s why we decided to join the B-Corp adventure.

There are still a few stages to go before certification, and the deadlines are very long, but we’re on the right track!

Good health and well-beingQuality education Gender equalityClean water and sanitation Decent Work and Economic Growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure Reduced inequalities Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption and production Measures to combat climate change Aquatic life Life on earth Partnerships to achieve objectives

Why did Newton Offices join the Companies for Climate Convention?

  • Understand ecological issues and their impact on the world, the region and my company.
  • Co-constructing new economic models compatible with the living world and planetary limits.
  • Join a collective of committed and determined local leaders.
  • Create a wave of ecological redirection and changeover on our territory.

“The experience of the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat shows that training has enabled managers – who are far from all aware of the challenges of the ecological transition – to prove particularly ambitious for the economic world, as well as for their own companies. “
Eric Duverger, Founder of CEC.

We participate assiduously in the various sessions that make up the CEC Provence-Corsica itinerary:

#1: “The situation and the next world

#2: “New course towards regenerative technology

#3: “Doing business with living things

#4: “New compass

#5: “Cooperating with ecosystems

Although Newton Offices is not required to assess its greenhouse gas emissions, we have decided to carry out a carbon balance in 2022, with a result of 936 tCO2 generated in 2021, taking all three scopes into account.

Some performance indicator figures on Newton Offices’ carbon footprint (achieved in 2022 with data from 2021):

  • 936 tCO2e generated by Newton Offices activities in 2021
  • 29 tCO2e per employee in 2021
  • 40 kgCO2e per m2 in 2021 (23,423 m2 total)
  • 7.5 kgCO2e per working day in 2021

Our GHG emission reduction targets :

  • -20% CO2e/m2 by 2026
  • -40% reduction in CO2e/m2 by 2030

Becoming a company with a mission is a way of affirming our values, defining objectives that meet the challenges of our time and measuring our social and environmental impact.

Our raison d’être, “To support the deployment of the economy in towns and territories”, is officially enshrined in our bylaws, and we have set up a mission committee to oversee the execution of our mission.

What is a mission-driven company?

The société à mission model is a recent legal innovation introduced as part of the Pacte law, and constitutes the only legal framework in France for contributory companies.

What is the loi pacte?

Passed on May 22, 2019, the PACTE law on business growth and transformation sets out a new legal framework for business in French law. In particular, it introduces the notion of the “company with a mission”, a business model that guides companies’ power to transform in order to solve the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century, by linking innovation capacity with active listening to stakeholders.

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